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Slots Strategies - Slots Systems - How to Beat the Slots

Online slot machines are programmed with a random number generator that increase or decrease a players odds based on the size of the jackpot; the larger the jackpot, the greater the odds. These games are also programmed to maintain a slight advantage over the player, and payout on a predetermined schedule once a certain quota is met. Most online casinos have a 97% payout rate. The majority of slot strategies are based on taking advantage of the trends that occur within the games payment schedule. Some strategies exploit short term trends and others look for patterns over a longer period of time. The following exemplifies a short term strategy.

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Short Term Slots System

A player wagers one coin until he or she wins, then increases the wager to two coins. If the player wins again he or she would increase the wager to three coins, if the player looses he or she would decrease the wager to one coin. If the player keeps winning he or she would continue to increase the wager by one coin until loosing. Once a player looses they always go back to wagering one coin.

The above system takes advantage of the short terms trends within the payment schedule by maximizing the wins when the trend is good, and minimizing loses when a trend is bad. The following system looks at exploiting patterns within the payment schedule over a longer period of time. Most long term strategies are based on the fact that slot machines operate on cycle, and the belief that they tend to payoff at the same time everyday or every couple of days.

Long Term Slots System

A player would start by making minimum wagers at hourly intervals throughout an entire day and record the results. Using the results a player would increase future wagers during time intervals that proved most successful during the testing period. For example, if 3pm proved most success during the testing period, a player would double or triple wagers for a set period of time at 3pm.

Keep in mind there are thousands of different slot strategies, but most are variations of the two slot systems outlined above. Although testing periods and wagering requirements may differ from system to system, the concept is always to make wagers based on the analysis of past trends.

Other Helpful Slots Tips and Strategies

  • Always play maximum coins. Most slot machines payout a bigger jackpot when the player wagers maximum coins.

  • Looks for machines with wild symbols. Wild symbols increase the players? odds of winning.

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