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The Internet brings the excitement of Las Vegas and the world of gaming to your fingertips. Thousands of professional gamblers are now living a life of luxury after perfecting their techniques and strategies in online casinos. Now you have the same opportunity. So sit back, relax, and beat the casino from the comfort of your own home!

?After qualifying online at a $40 Internet tournament, Chris Moneymaker walked away from the Binion?s Horseshoe World Series of Poker with 1st place and $2,500,000.?

Amazing graphics and continuous developments in the casino software industry have made online gaming a truly rewarding experience. Betting online is safe, secure and confidential. Online casinos pay out an average of 97%. The payouts are set by software developers and reviewed monthly by reputable global accounting firms. Online casino operations meet strict licensing requirements and require large investments. Bodog and Party Casino have paid out over 6 Billion in winnings to players since 1995!

Fierce competition in the online gaming industry has resulted in a definite advantage for the player. Many casinos offer huge bonuses, match your initial deposit, provide player rewards, and give additional bonuses for using preferred deposit options - further setting the odds in your favor.

The keys to winning online and cashing out big is knowledge, patience and understanding. All casino games use random number generators to produce payouts at an average of 97%. Payouts may vary according to game type, so be certain to check this on the casino?s site.

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Any knowledgeable gambler knows that if you flip a coin ten times, the chances of the coin landing on tails every time is slim. This theory is proven mathematically with finite mathematics. Since there is a good chance the coin will land on heads some of the times, the secret is to identify patterns. Picture the results in a coin toss: heads, heads, tails, heads. Many casino games follow basic patterns and can be mastered and understood using gaming systems. Similar patterns emerge in slots, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack results, as groups of the same result are formed.

Bear in mind that all online games use random number generators to produce the results. Many land based casinos use eight decks of cards and gaming experts agree that online results are strikingly similar to card results. There are many advantages to placing your bets online. Online casinos offer a ?help? and ?tips? section and you are able to take your time betting in a relaxed atmosphere. Strategy cards located on the casino?s site allow you to fine-tune your play. The benefits for players online far outweigh any possible assistance at a land based casino.

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Winning on the Internet is easier than you think. The key to cashing out large is made easy with the casino?s introductory bonus money. Brandy Casino offers an introductory bonus of up to $500! Try and recall the last time you walked into a casino?and they gave you double the chips?

Online gaming establishments offer players free draws, casino rewards and large match bonuses but, although very effective, these tactics are vulnerable. Gamers in different jurisdictions may face different wagering requirements before cashing out. Always check the casino?s site to find out game restrictions and minimum wager requirements when collecting bonus money. Players found abusing the bonus system by using several different credit cards on the same site may also face restrictions.

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How To Play | Rules | Strategies


How To Play | Rules | Strategies


How To Play | Rules | Strategies


How To Play | Rules | Strategies

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Cyberspace: A win for Vegas?

A U.S. law forbidding Internet gambling was lifted in the state of Nevada in response to the growing number of off-shore online gaming sites.

Gaming experts, who assess last year?s online gaming revenues at US$1.5 billion, believe the ban has cost the American gambling industry.
The ban?s termination is already stirring up some opposition. State Senator Terry Care contends that small gaming businesses might not be able to compete with large casinos when it comes to the new, two-year US$500,000 licence. Mr. Care equates the high licence cost with ?legislatively sanction[ing] a monopoly for an exclusive few?.

However, Senate Judiciary Chairman Mark James insists the fee will self-regulate the industry and attract only committed organizations.

Aside from acquiring a licence, Nevada Internet casinos are required to refuse bets from children and players from non-gambling U.S. states.

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