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complete casino directory

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Complete Casino Directory
Online Casino Deposit Options

Online gaming establishments almost always accept deposits via credit cards. Credit card transactions over the internet are processed quickly and securely using encrypted SSL technology. Today a wide range of payment options are available due to the fact that some banks hold restrictions on gambling related charges. The online gaming industry always offers direct alternatives such as wire transfer, certified cheque and money order. The latest casino deposit options offer increased security and direct credit of winnings. Account opening is handled free online or via telephone payment methods. These alternative deposit options keep your personal information strictly confidential and allow a variety of methods to credit your cash account.

Basic 900pay

Basic 900pay is a secure and simple method of purchasing online casino credits by simply charging the deposit to your phone bill. A credit card or bank account is not required. There are no hidden fees when using Basic 900pay. All Basic 900pay charges will appear on your phone bill as "NAVAHONTWRKS". For Basic 900pay you must ensure there is no 900-service block on your line. To test toll-free, call 1-900-993-4141 to determine whether you can use the service.


TeleBuy is a secure method of depositing funds using a simple e-cheque payment system that only requires your bank account information and a telephone. The charges do not appear on your phone bill. There are no hidden fees or long-distance charges when using TeleBuy. The telephone is simply used to confirm your transaction. TeleBuy takes 2-4 business days to clear funds.

ECP (ACH) Electronic cheque processing

Electronic cheque processing is a direct fund transfer from your bank account to your account with the merchant service. Many online payment processing services are fundamentally utilizing this concept to provide merchant services. Transactions using ECP are generally completed within one minute of being entered. The deposited funds are available in your account as soon as the transaction is approved. ECP transactions are normally displayed on your bank statement as a "pre-authorized payment," with the code TCR (Transfer Credit for Refund) or TDR (Pre-authorized Payment for Deposit Transaction).


CentralCoin, owned and managed by Gateway Financial Services Limited, is a secure online payment solution for internet transactions. You can fund your CentralCoin account with credit cards or by using the eCheck feature. Winnings can be credited through CentralCoin, just by registering your bank account. All of your personal information is kept confidential, nothing is passed on to a third party. To purchase credits at the casino, all you have to do is type in your CentralCoins account number and PIN number.


FirePay is a free to sign up, and free to pay web based account. Make deposits into your FirePay Personal Account directly from your U.S. bank account, and you have instant access to use the funds online. FirePay works quickly and securely like a debit card in real-time. All transactions can be viewed online and almost all gaming sites accept FirePay.

Payspark (GamingCard)

Payspark operates GamingCard, a private ATM card issued to the Internet's most exclusive online gamers by invitation only. All casinos that accept Gamingcard are powered by Microgaming software.GamingCard offers daily use of up to US $3,000 in gaming credit and boasts the fastest payout as wins are directly deposited into your account for ATM withdrawal. All GamingCard transactions can be viewed online and interest is credited to your account on balances over USD 500.

U.K based Moneybookers is a payment system that allows you to send money via email and mobile services ? instantly (even to non members). Join the referral program and get paid for sending payments. There are no fees for uploading money and Moneybookers is secure and FSA regulated. Crediting your wins back to your bank account takes 2-3 days and costs 1.80 Euro. This payment method is perfect for European players.

NETeller Casinos

What is NETeller?

NETeller is a proven online payment system widely used for casino transactions. Providing virtually instant cash transfers and same-day payments, NETeller allows you to deposit funds in every way possible, wins can also be credited back to your account. Opening a NETeller account allows you to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds and is supported by many online merchants.


Many online institutions accept purchases by PrePaidATM Funds are credited on the card by sending a transfer to a designated account. PrePaidATM is not tied to your existing bank account. Accessing funds using your PIN code and receive funds at thousands of ATM machines worldwide.You can use your card wherever debit cards are accepted. Western union and electronic bank transfer are the easiest ways to credit your card account PrePaidATM charges a minimal fee for payment processing.

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How To Play | Rules | Strategies


How To Play | Rules | Strategies

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As the Internet is continuously changing, the next foreseeable step in the world of online gaming is expected to coincide with the developments in interactive television and wireless communication. With the widespread use of PDAs and smart phones, the wireless world is upon us and is expected to eclipse sometime around 2007. Now you can send email, surf the Internet, and play your favorite casino games with a wireless connection and a PDA.
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